Shari Denson

A Very Insecure Exhibition – Denson/McBride – 22nd Feb 2019

Two fiercely independent, northern, female photographers. Two separate but interwoven bodies of photographic work. One major retrospective…..For one night only, in Manchester.

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“A Very Insecure Exhibition” promises to be a joyful, heartfelt journey through Karen McBride and Shari Denson’s photography. Both women have been capturing the essence of live music in Manchester (and everywhere else) in all its rawness and beauty since the turn of the millennium. Their paths have crossed many times…but only now will they join forces to show what they have produced, in this massive show of respect and love for each other’s work.

The venue is in city centre Manchester, but will not be revealed in full until much closer to the event. Let’s just say….It’s going to feel different. It’s going to involve the viewer. It’s going to be big,bold, punk and powerful….and it’s going to be very fleeting.

“Honesty. Integrity. Soul. It is present in every shot she takes.” – John Robb on Karen McBride

“Some photographer’s have an eye…it’s almost like Shari has two.”
Guy Garvey on Shari Denson

“…A great photographer grabs the emotion, insecurity, the beauty and the wild moment of the soul and creation.

Instead of being drowned out by the endless digital clicks of selfie culture, great snappers like Shari and Karen see their work mean so much more.

A great photo is not a snap, it’s a work of art, invested with a keen eye, a deep understanding of the subject and a technical skill.

Great photography is there to be celebrated – so come and celebrate with us.”
John Robb

Shari is the photography workshop lead for MASH, the Manchester charity that supports female sex workers. Images to be displayed at the iconic Victoria Baths in Sept 2018

MASH is proud to be launching a creative photography project for its staff, volunteers and service users, set to culminate in an exhibition of ‘ambiguous portraits’ at Manchester’s iconic Victoria Baths.

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Shari is featured in Suffragette City: Mancunian Matters meet two of Manchester’s most influential women shaping the music scene

Saying that Manchester is at the forefront of music is nothing new but the fresh recognition being given to the city’s female leaders of music is definitely something to be proud of right now.

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